Powered End Changer

ASEA external axis [3] welding cell
  • Compact
  • Automatic end identification
  • Smooth accurate indexing
  • Circumferencal welding

DESCRIPTION     The powered manipulation systems normally have either robot servo controlled external axis, or indexer type gearboxes. They are usually required when the job requires access around the part. Compact for processing up to two different product arrays. They are most suitable for smaller products in medium to high production volumes.

Inside Powered End Changer CellHOW THE SYSTEM WORKS     The operator loads one side whilst the robot works on the other. When both have finished, the operator requests the system to change ends and the cycle is then repeated.



PRODUCT CHANGES     Jobs are fixed into position to ensure repeatability. Fixtures are usually located on dowels to ensure they are correctly positioned when replaced.

POWERED     Our powered systems are based around a large diameter slewing ring.  This allows loads of up to 1000 kg to be carried.  The ring is driven by an inverter controlled 3 phase motor and the loading area protected with a laser scanner.  This allows us to program not only the safety zone, but also a warning area around it to  sound a buzzer and prevent unnecessary stoppages. If the drive system becomes    unserviceable, the gearbox is designed to allow complete reversion to a manual system.

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Pulse welding Aluminium on a PECS