Carousel Systems

Carousel in production, West Midlands, UK
  • Compact
  • Flexible – 4 jobs in same cycle
  • Automatic job identification
  • Fast job change
  • Suitable for smaller jobs

DESCRIPTION     The Carousel System is a compact work-feed carousel with a co-axially-mounted robot turntable. It can process up to four different product arrays in the same production cycle and is suitable for smaller products in small or large batches.

HOW THE    SYSTEM WORKS     The operator reloads components onto the four work-presentation pallets in turn at the reload station (R) . When he completes the loading of any particular pallet he presses a push-button to index to the next pallet.

The robot is able to process the pallets at any of the three work stations, W1, W2 and W3, moving between them as required on its own turntable. It starts working on W1 and is able to move, with its current pallet, from W1 to W2, or W2 to W3, as the operator finishes reloading subsequent pallets and indexes the system. As the robot finishes work on any particular pallet it moves back to the previous workstation, from W3 to W2, or W2 to W1, to start work on the next.

In this way, the operator is able to get ahead of the robot and ensure maximum efficiency of the system. It also allows for jobs with different loading/robot cycles to be mixed efficiently in the same production run, or for less than four pallets to be in production if required.

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PRODUCT CHANGES     The Autotech Pallet Coding System, with codes automatically read each time work is presented to the robot, allows pallets to be changed quickly when the product mix needs to be altered. This makes the system suitable for small as well as large batches.