Robotic Systems

Autotech Robotics offer a large variety of robot systems to cater for wide ranging customers’ requirements.

Standard packages can be configured to suit or special robot systems can be designed where necessary. Building systems at our Plymouth facility, Double robot system Tig welding in Scotland.  Our pallet-based feed systems offer the ultimate in versatility. A large number of different jobs can be undertaken in the same production run and jobs can be changed without stopping the robot from working. This makes them suitable for a wide variety of work in small batch sizes, or Just-In-Time production.

We can supply the various types of manipulators and positioners, robot gantries, linear slides, etc, as well as our own proprietary robot systems which are detailed on the following pages. This gives us the flexibility to put the customer’s needs first and specify what robot system is best for the particular production scenario.
Construction of a manipulator type system to weld hospital beds