Special Robotic Systems

Some of OUR designed & built robot systems and robotic testing rigs

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Various Reconditioned Fanuc Robots Metal Spining

Original Video Here

Paint Spray Cell Fanuc 120iL paint spraying wood burning stoves on a powered end changer system

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Laser Surface Checking Cell

Reconditioned Fanuc 710i being used to unload parts through a laser “surface condition” checking unit. Then placing parts dependant upon results
Original video Here

Circuit Board Trimming Project for trimming the component legs from printed circuit boards for Toshiba in Plymouth

Original video Here

Linear Slide 7th axis 8 metre linear slide system twin automatic torch head changing. Mig welding Mild steel, Galvanised, Stainless and        Aluminium materials & plasma cutting

Original Video Here

Paint Spraying with 3 robots Three reconditioned Fanuc RJ1 120 robots being used to apply 7 different paint colours to skips [also produced on Autotech welding        systems]
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Press handling cell New handling robot interfaced to existing press brake machine
Twin robot with Head & Tailstock Manipulators Twin long reach Robots with a manipulation system on each side. Pulsed Mig welding complete with Through Arc & Touch sensing

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Machine loading system Machine handling robot, loading steel billets into lathe.

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Auto head changer system Automatic torch head changing system. Mig welding Mild steel, Galvanised, Stainless and Aluminium materials.
Inverted Fanuc Robot in Turkey Inverted robot on rotating gantry, using touch sensing routines to find weld start & end points.
Robot inserting various test pieces to safety edge Testing the channel tunnel high speed train, door safety systems operation.
Vibrating table with 90 degree rotations System producing weights for the leisure industry.
Adhesive Sparaying Robot Robot high speed spraying adhesive to the rear of leather car seat panels.
FWS with Inverted robot and 3 metre pallets Inverted robot on linear slide, Mig welding & Plasma cutting on a 3000mm x 3000mm pallet flexible system.
Routing on edge of car panels Robot being prepared for delivery, Routing the edge of  car body panels.