Our Services

THE BENEFITS     The benefits of using robots for manufacturing processes are numerous and include: increased productivity; improved and consistent output quality (which can also minimise the need for subsequent operations) reduced demand for skilled operators who are hard to find; greater reliability and ease of use; ideal for working in difficult environments or on unpleasant tasks; and the ability to work tirelessly on long shifts.

System control consoleHowever, most robot systems fail to exploit one of a robot’s main features – flexibility. The flexibility of many of Autotech’s systems introduces an extra dimension to the manufacturing process which increases output – the ability to change the product mix without stopping the robot from manufacturing. Systems can also be configured for unmanned operation. Autotech’s ‘Just-In-Time’ production capability means lower stock and work in progress levels and less space required for storage. Multiple processing on one system can also save considerable materials handling time and effort. And with an Autotech system, consider the shorter response time needed to satisfy your customers’ order requirements. This can mean the difference between you winning the order or losing it to a competitor whilst providing the key to gaining more future business from that same customer. And you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that Autotech systems are low-cost and offer fast pay-back on investment.

THE SERVICE     Autotech’s service starts from the initial enquiry where the bond of mutual trust between supplier and customer is first established. Preliminary investigation into the customer’s application is followed by a detailed feasibility study and the production of a system specification. This procedure generally includes practical demonstrations and visits to existing customer sites.

Automatic torch cleaningSystem installation, commissioning and a comprehensive after-sales technical support service are naturally provided. New systems always carry a full parts and labour warranty for the first 12    months, with an option for the customer to extend this facility over a longer period. Free telephone support continues long after the warranty has lapsed.

Our staff have considerable experience in the use of a wide range of robots, particularly in arc welding applications. This experience is the result of many years practical involvement in the business with a broad base of installed systems.

Operator and maintenance training is available for all our systems, including detailed robot programming courses which are individually tailored to the production application and geared to meet the specific experience of each trainee. Continuation training on customers’ premises is also available at any time.

The design of all our systems is fundamentally straightforward so the consequent ease of maintenance contributes to high production ‘up-time’. But if and when problems do arise, these can generally be quickly handled by the users themselves, with telephone help where necessary from Autotech. This minimises loss of production caused when customers have to wait for the arrival of a service engineer.

We are totally committed to caring for the precise after-sales needs of each customer. Our strong reputation for service, combined with the high incidence of repeat orders from existing users is the best possible evidence of a satisfied customer base.