Customer Feedback

Just some of the customers, to whom we have supplied our robotic equipment 

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If you are still not sure about the quality of our products or services here are a few comments    from some of our customers . . .

  • Company: XEROX
  • Location: Mitcheldeen, Gloucestershire
  • Installation: 2 Robot Laser Welding
  • Business: Manufacture of Copiers
  • Comment: “…Why would you buy from anyone else? ”  Steve Hodder – Advanced Manufacturing Engineer
  • “Just a short note to say thank you to  yourself and Ralph for your support during the recent installation of the Surface ScannerCell it was much appreciated “                                                                                                 Christopher Bernard – Technical & Quality Manager 


  • Company: Acco UK Ltd
  • Location: Peterborough, Cambridgeshire
  • Installation: 5 robot MIG welding systems
  • Business: Manufacture of office furniture
  • Comment: “…Our Autotech systems have given us the flexibility to produce parts just in time to conform to our MRP systems.The welding cycle times have been reduced and the improvement in weld appearance has led to further savings downstream through the reduction of the requirement for linishing…”

           Albert Bowyer – Manufacturing Operations Manager


  • Company: Belle Engineering (Sheen) Ltd
  • Location: Sheen, North Staffordshire
  • Installation: 11 robot MIG welding systems
  • Business: Manufacture of  construction plant
  • Comment: “…As market leaders in our field, we installed our first system in 1985 to give us consistent production and keep our unit costs stable. This was so successful that by 1991 we had five Autotech systems operating 16-hour, non-stop shifts…”

           Bernard Cope – Production Director


  • Company: Bodyguard Styling
  • Location: Wingfield, Wiltshire
  • Installation: 1 robot trimming plastic materials
  • Business: Manufacture of automotive body panels
  • Comment: “…Autotech were able to provide us with the ideal solution, in quick time and within budget…”

           Jonathan Davis – Production Manager


  • Company: CHK Engineering Ltd
  • Location: Crewe, Cheshire
  • Installation: 4 robot MIG welding systems
  • Business: Manufacture of medium automotive components
  • Comment: “…The combination of competitive pricing and high productivity meant we were able to order our second Autotech system within twelve months of the first being delivered. We now have six, each working 120 hours per week...”

           Greg Pointon – Director of Manufacturing


  • Company: Fullarton Computer Industries Ltd
  • Location: Kilwinning, Ayrshire
  • Installation: 5 robot MIG/TIG welding systems
  • Business: Manufacture of computer assemblies
  • Comment: “…The systems reliability and ease of maintenance are important to us. Just as vital is the fact that Autotech have always been ready and willing to support us in optimising our systems to cater for changing production requirements...”

           Jack Moir – Works Director


  • Company: Pall Industrial Hydraulics
  • Location: Redruth, Cornwall
  • Installation: 1 [2 as of Aug 2000]  machine-loading robot feeding CNC lathes, 1 robot MIG welding system
  • Business: Manufacture of hydraulic components
  • Comment: “…When it comes to robotic automation, Autotech is a one-stop shop, able to cater for wide-ranging needs.  Their systems have enabled us to free up our valuable manpower resources...”

           Tom Sturch – Technical Manager


  • Company: P J Parmiter & Sons Ltd
  • Location: Tisbury, Wiltshire
  • Installation: 1 integrated twin-robot MIG welding system
  • Business: Manufacture of agricultural machinery
  • Comment: “...From project analysis, through specification and design, to training and system commissioning, Autotech provided a total package tailored to our own needs…”

           Simon Wilcox – Managing Director


  • Company: Wallsal Pressings
  • Location: West Midlands
  • Installation: 18+ welding robots
  • Business: Manufacture of parts
  • Comment: “..Just wanted to say thank you for the work you did for us last week , much appreciated it , only sorry I was not here to see you excellant service , wish every company we deal with was the same”

          Tony Somerfield