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Another two powered end changer systems for Bulgaria

A pair of  identical cells destined for Bulgaria ready for dismantling and shipping

Each with: Fanuc robots, Lincoln MIG welders, Binzel torches & cleaning stations and tilt beds


Installation of twin robot seat welding cell

Final installation in Poland – March 2018

Starting production

Fanuc R2000iC complete with 7th axis control

Obara axis controlled servo gun with robot controlled tip dresser and water chiller

Fanuc M710iC very long reach MIG welding robot

Kemppi A7 pulsed welding equipment

Loading area with table tilted



Complete frame welded in under 2 minutes

Both robots welding simultaneously

Fanuc M710iC 12L in an automatic torch cleaning cycle

Final few welds done with tilted table

Another wheelbarrow pan assembly line

Another set of 5 reconditioned Fanuc robots to tend reconditioned customer presses


  • 5 robots ready for shipping


  • Ready for interface and movement trials


  • Just some of the redundant items removed from the robots to transform them from spot welding to handling


  • Checking the interface and vacuum grippers by passing pans along the line

Robotic TIG welding Cell

First Robotic TIG welding cell for Devon Customer


  • Powered End Changer System with Fanuc robot, Binzel TIG torch and Kemppi welding equipment




System for tending reconditioned presses

Twin systems to tend customers reconditioned presses.
We do seem to be doing a lot of this type of work recently


  • Two identical systems, each with both SMC magnetic and vacuum grippers
  • Cells have quick change interfaced tooling plates for part loading


  • Systems can also work together with a “pass through” section to allow the presses to work cooperatively


  • Parts are feed down an unload chute on completion

Robotic Grinding Machine Tending

First system for automatic tending of a centre-less grinding machine for bearings in Bristol



  • The grinding regulator wheel carriage was linked to a robot axis for accuracy and compensation


  • One of the 3 sets of grippers, this one with double fingers


  • An automatic tool changer system to cope with the variety of parts and future expansion


  • Full manual interlocked access to set jobs


  • A variety of loading tooling plates to suit the range of parts


  • System from side showing the ProFace interface unit which greatly simplified the robot interface